Marge was wonderful.  Our 6 yr old got to wear sunglasses so he was content the entire time.  One possible tooth spacing issue in his mouth that the dentist explained very well. - Anonymous 10/20/2014 

What a professional dental office: my experience was outstanding!  Dr. Kleiger was very thorough with his review of my history and oral exam, and took the time to get to know me as a patient.  He was very pleasant and made me feel comfortable right from the start.  The dental hygienist was excellent and very personable as well.  I would definitely recommend this group to family and friends. - Anonymous 10/20/2014 

Dr. Kleiger is wonderful.  He is extremely knowledgeable and works in a state of the art facility.  He explains things very thoroughly and clearly before and after the work is done, and is thoughtful and considerate while you are in the chair.  The staff is super helpful and friendly. And here is the cherry on the cake... I NEVER have to wait longer than a couple of minutes!!!  I highly recommend him and everyone in the practice. - Anonymous 10/20/2014 

Employees are efficient, proficient and friendly. - Anonymous 10/17/2014 

I've been a patient of Mak & Kleiger since they started their practice.  Everyone is friendly and professional.  Makes it a pleasure to go to the dentist! - Anonymous 10/17/2014 

Love that office! - Anonymous 10/16/2014 

They are the best and have been for years. 5 stars all the way. - Anonymous 10/16/2014 

I was fully satisfied by the professional examination and its preparation by Dr. Mak and his team. Thank you. - Anonymous 10/16/2014 

Great service....on a Saturday. - Anonymous 10/13/2014 

I had a wonderful experience.  Dr. Kleiger and his staff were thorough, attentive and timely.  My procedure was painless, and despite being in pain now due to the nature of my fillings, I didn't hesitate to rate this office as excellent. - Anonymous 10/13/2014 

Excellent and efficient practice!  This is the best dental practice I've experienced in decades. - Anonymous 10/13/2014 

The hygienist Jerry did an awesome job!  Dr. Mak is the best! - Anonymous 10/10/2014 

It was very well organized today.  Michelle is a great hygienist. - Anonymous 10/9/2014 

Quick, friendly as always. - Anonymous 10/6/14 

They've always been excellent... from the first time...through Invisalign and beyond. - Anonymous 10/6/2014

Professional and quick. - Anonymous 10/3/2014

Today was my first appointment out of 2 for a new crown.  Dr. Mak was awesome and explained everything before he proceeded.  The staff were all very nice and accommodating.  My only concern is that I had to call 4 times and request for an estimate for the procedure before someone call me back with the appropriate information. - Anonymous 9/25/2014 

I have been to Mak & Kleiger DDS three times.  I had one crown and two cleanings.  Dr. Mak took care of my crown professionally and with great care (I have great anxiety over dental visits).  Michelle was my hygienist, she is excellent!  I'm so glad I was referred to Dr. Mak, and won't hesitate to go back.  It's a relief to have a new dentist that I feel very confident about.  Office staff was great at each appointment and I love the email and text reminders.  I recommend them highly. - Anonymous 9/23/2014

Thank you for being punctual, efficient, pleasant and friendly! - Anonymous 9/22/2014 

Great visit - prompt, which is nice.  Dr. Mak continues to be a great dentist as he lets you know what he believes needs to be checked at future visits. - Anonymous 9/22/2014 

Dr. Mak is wonderful and he has a very helpful and accommodating staff. - Anonymous 9/17/2014

I have been a patient with this office since the early 70's.  I travel from Orange County to Pasadena because I always receive the highest quality work with a great staff.   This last appointment I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Li and Cy who were both a pleasure to work with.  I wholeheartedly give my highest recommendation to Mak & Kleiger, DDS. - Anonymous 9/15/2014

I was called in immediately...I appreciate the limited wait time!  Everyone is very professional and makes you feel that your health is important. - Anonymous 9/15/2014

Prompt, pleasant, and efficient service. - Anonymous 9/12/2014

Very professional staff, no waiting, cleaning completed efficiently. - Anonymous 9/11/2014

I had a great visit!  Dr. Li was fast and efficient and still made me feel like I was getting a great evaluation of my teeth.  My hygienist and the technician who took my x-rays were both super nice. - Anonymous 9/4/2014 

AS always, the office staff was friendly and helpful, and the technician who cleaned my teeth and did the x-rays was excellent.  A good early morning visit. - Anonymous 9/3/2014

Excellent care and treatment for our anxious 8 year old daughter.  Love the way she was treated with respect and intelligence.  The whole atmosphere is friendly, relaxed and helpful.  An awesome practice. - Anonymous 9/2/2014 

Consistently great service. - Larry L. 6/23/2014. 

My experience was great.  The office is very nice and clean, the nurse was caring and accommodating.  The doctor was efficient, knowledgeable, and professional.  I am very satisfied and would definitely recommend you to friends. - Anonymous 6/16/2014. 

Great care! - Anonymous 6/16/2014. 

Dr. Li and his assistant did an excellent job of informing me of all steps they would be taking during the procedure.  This was my first time to get a crown, and I was grateful that the office has the technology to mill the crown in-house, which means I don't have to come back for a second appointment! Very pleased with the outcome.  Thank you! - Anonymous 6/16/2014 

I'm not sure I could give any dental work 5 stars, so this is as high as I can go.  Nothing wrong with the service.  Everyone was very nice.  I was a little uneasy with the new technician being trained during my procedure, but Dr. Kleiger was very patient with her and that, couple with his obvious skills, had a calming effect. - Anonymous 6/23/2014. 

Dr. Mak was kind, informative and caring as always.  There was a waiting period, however, even on a Saturday.. I did like the more relaxed atmosphere and will make my next appointment on a Saturday if possible. - C.W. 6/16/2014. 

I needed an emergency appointment for a broken tooth.  They got me in the same day I called even though I was a brand new patient.  The dentist who had originally put a filling in that tooth a couple years ago told me himself he trouble doing it; Dr DeMesa, however, did a great job.  I was very happy with every aspect of my visit. - Sharon H. 6/16/2014. 

My teeth cleaning and x-rays were professionally and promptly done.  I had a few general questions about my teeth, and they were answered in a friendly and informative manner.  Your worker is excellent. - David U. 6/16/2014. 

It's always a good experience. - Lu W. 6/16/2014. 

Dr. Mak is always great.  He explains everything before he does it and is very knowledgeable and sensitive. - Barbara A. 6/16/2014. 

Excellent!! Very organized office. - Julie M. 5/21/2014. 

My visit with Dr. Kleiger and staff was, as always, great and timely. - Evelyn E. 5/21/2014. 

Dr. Li was very helpful and thorough.  Very nice, too. - G.R. 5/21/2014. 

Great place and great people! - William N. 5/21/2014. 

Everyone from the receptionist to the dentists were warm, considerate and friendly.  I saw Dr. Li and Dr. Kleiger and both addressed my questions and concerns with depth and patience.  This was my first visit and I only had a cleaning, so this is all I have for now. - Anonymous. 5 /21/2014. 

Great group of professionals.  I would highly recommend and have been happy here for several years! - Anonymous 5/21/2014. 

Office is very nice, staff very friendly and I really appreciate Dr. Coston's gentle touch and friendly attitude.  Very professional. - S.H. 3/7/2014. 

Everyone from the receptionist to the dentists were warm, considerate and friendly.  I saw Dr. Li and Dr. Kleiger and both addressed my questions and concerns with depth and patience.  This was my first visit and I only had a cleaning, so this is I have to say for now. - Anonymous 4/30/2014. 

Due to a change in my work's insurance, I had to switch my dentist.  It took two years, but I finally was able to get back to my favorite dentist. - Nancy B. 3/26/2014. 

Dr. Kleiger & staff made me so comfortable & took care of my tooth issue immediately!  I left the office very satisfied & relieved!  Thank as always to my great dentist & his competent staff! - Lisa O. 3/26/2014. 

The best dentist office I've ever visited. - Anonymous 3/26/2014. 

The staff could not have been more professional. My compliments. - Al F. 3/26/2014. 

Everyone I worked with was a pleasure.  Thank you Ishmael, Jerry and Dr. Mak. - K.K. 3/7/2014.

There was little waiting time, everyone was friendly, helpful and very nice!  Definitely recommending this to anyone looking for a great dentist! - Anonymous 2/20/2014. 

Great job! Three old amalgam fillings replaced in one hour or less.  No pain, no hassle.  Dr. Mak and Ishmael were wonderful! - Donald H. 2/20/2014.

I came in for a cleaning and as always Marge did an outstanding job.  She is always pleasant and informative. - Victor E. 1/31/14. 

The doctor was great and his assistant who took x-rays was very sweet and helpful.  The office people were nice and helpful also.  Dr. Mak is a very excellent dr. - L.W. 1/24/14.

Me and my sons have been seeing Dr. Mak for 17 years.  He is the quintessential pro!  Thank you. - E.E. 1/24/14. 

Amazing, relaxing experience. - Bryson R. 1/8/14. 

Professional, friendly, clean & efficient. - Anonymous. 1/7/14. 

Very friendly and efficient. - Anonymous. 12/16/13.

Very nice office, VERY nice technicians and front desk, and Dr. Kleiger is very thoughtful , friendly and take all the time you need with him. - Anonymous. 12/13/13. 

Love the staff, very professional and so sweet.  Also, clean and comfy waiting room...never have to wait long. - Anonymous. 12/2/13. 

Excellent care!  Timely - and professional. - Peter S. 11/25/13 

Great experience.  Good cleaning, professionally done. - David U. 11/8/2013.

Dealing with Kleiger and Mak is like being with family.  You don't sense that they care about you.  You know that they care about you. - Charles B. 11/8/2013.

Doctor and assistants were friendly and informative; responding to my many questions with useful answers.  It was my first filling and I was a little anxious, but they made me feel very comfortable.  And the work was so good I can't even tell I have a filling. - T.K. 10/25/2013

Dr. Mak and the staff are always professional with great interpersonal interactions with all who attend.  This is important for any patient visiting a dentist office.  Anything that lessens the anxiety is helpful and much appreciated. - Anonymous. 10/24/2013.

I am not good at expressing myself, but after my previous densti died a few years ago, I did not have good luck in locating a dentist/office that made me feel they cared about my teeth or me.  I got tired of dentists trying to sell me something I didn't need at a cost I could not afford.  After doing research on the internet, Angie's list, Facebook, Mak & Kleiger's name kept coming up with very positive feedback.  As a retired person, I decided to give Mak & Kleiger a go.  This is going to be my dentist.  Mak & Kleiger did an excellent job on replacing my crown.  I plan on going back to get more work done on my teeth.  Highly recommend you give them a try. - Anonymous. 10/22/2013.

Service was fast and friendly. - R. J. 10/22/2013

The service was prompt and was a pleasant experience. - Anonymous. 10/22/2013.

Always pleasant. The staff is great and so is Michelle.  She always makes my trip to the dentist a great one. - Paul R. 10/22/2013.

I will never go to any other dentist ever again.  Top shelf people, service and office.  A million "thank yous" could never be enough. - Tony R. 10/22/2013.

EVERYONE at Mak & Kleiger is warm, friendly, and professional.  The service is excellent.  The work is best in class.  The location and office are really nice.  I appreciate their genuine care and concern.  They are great with both adults and children.  They remember you. - Raymond M. 10/9/13.

Great service! - Anonymous. 10/9/13.

Fan-tab-u-los!  Both Dr. Mak & Kleiger are the gentlest dentists you'll ever find!  Combined with their exceptional skills and talents and an extraordinary staff, I find I don't mind going to my dental appointments, because I never have to worry about experiencing any pain. - Gwen E. 9/11/2013.

Thank you for the nice welcome on entering your office.  I like that I was explained all the procedures as I was having my teeth worked on.  The assistant was helpful and friendly. - Gloria C. 9/11/2013.

Dr. Kleiger and staff were great as usual.  I was able to get in on very short notice (to have a cavity filled.) First one in 30 yrs....it was quick and painless.. I am happy with the results and did not experience any discomfort at all during nor after the procedure. - Jason R. 9/11/2013.

I was referred by a friend, and I have to say he was absolutely right!  I had teh most amazing experience here.. Doctors and staff made (me) feel so at ease adn comfortable.. I found my new dentist! So Happy. - Anna M. 8/12/2013.

The most patient dentist ever.  If he can work on my teeth - he can help anyone! - Holly B. 8/12/2013

This office and these dentists are outstanding.  They never try to "sell" you something you don't need.  Everyone is professional and friendly. - Cynthia J. 8/12/2013.

I had a very pleasant experience...Dr. Mak and his staff were kind and professional.. They did a really excellent job...and it didn't hurt! - Tricia S. 8/12/2013

Thanks for making the tempature more comfortable.  Dr. DeMesa made my visit super painless and quick. - Gloria C. 8/12/2013.

Great experience as always. - H.A. 8/12/2013

Very satisfied with service and staff. -S.M. 8/12/2013.

Had five fillings to take care of and was a bit nervous.  Dr. Mak walked me through the procedure before he began the process.  He answered my question and it was all very painless.  I'd definitely recommend him to other patients. - Brian K. 8/12/2013

This Dental Office is very positive -- from the professionalism at the front desk, to the genuine smiles of the dentists, to the obvious pleasure the assisting staff has in working as part of this team.  It is clear that Mak and Kleiger support their employees careers and humanity, all of which translates into superior care for us patients. - Daniel B. 7/3/2013

Dr. DeMesa made my front tooth look amazing.  It had become eroded because of dry mouth.  It looks normal now.  Thanks. - Gloria C. 7/3/2013

Doctor Mak and everyone else in this office is the definition of professional.  Even though I said that I was moving back to...... soon, Dr. Mak took the time to look at a problem with a food trap I had had between two back teeth for years.  He spent more time, asked more questions, studied the X-rays, and examined the problem area more and better than any dentist I have ever dealt with and I am 59 years old, have seen a lot of dentists.  Doctor Mak's diagnosis of the problem went well beyond just trying to fix the problem, he identified the source of the problem (the original inlay was not balanced in the back and causing the teeth to seperate when I chewed, trapping the food and causing irritation and decay).  Due to the failed attempts to fix this problem by other dentists the last few years, my insurance would also not cover further work on the teeth.  Dr. Mak quoted me a fair price for the work and I hired him because I figured if anyone was going to fix this it would be a man this smart, analytical and professional.  In two sessions he did some serious work on two teeth, caused me virtually no pain or discomfort, and even invited me to come back later for a quick check just to make sure everything was working fine.  I had my first meal without having to floss the food trap in years today.  Bravo, Dr. Mak, much appreciated. - Greg J. 6/11/2013

Good as always! - Dale H. 6/11/2013

Professional, clean, friendly. - Anonymous. 5/28/2013

Very satisfied. Gary M. 5/28/2013

The dentists and hygienists at this office are great. I have never had a bad experience. - Anonymous. 5/28/2013

Dr. Mak is very patient and thorough in his diagnosis and in his work. - Anonymous. 5/16/2013

Great service, no problems. - Gabriel A. 5/16/2013

Service was fast and friendly. - Rami J. 5/13/2013

Caring service in a welcoming atmosphere.  It doesn't get better than this. - Richard G. 5/14/2013

I have been going to this dentist for over ten years.  The staff is always welcoming and friendly, making you feel at ease being in a dentist office.  Dr. Kleiger is knowledgeable and is very gentle when performing treatments! - Linda H. 5/3/2013

Excellent. - Terry T. 5/3/2013

Thanks to everyone for a very positive visit.  I look forward to seeing you for the next. - Anonymous. 4/24/2013

Finding a good dentist in an emergency is a relief; finding a great dentist, as I have in Mak and Kleiger, is a blessing.  Mak and Kleiger's dedication to patient care and comfort, even during the most dreaded procedures, has ended my search, forever, for the perfect dentist!  The office staff is as caring and professional as the dentists themselves, graduates with honors from the finest dental programs in the country, at the University of Southern California.  I very strongly recommend that you make Mak & Kleiger your family dentist. - Robert R. 4/18/2013

They are great with kids.  - Heather G. 4/18/2013

This was my initial visit.  The friendly manner of everyone made me feel very comfortable.  Excellent customer service, pleasant, accomodating and professional.  I truly felt everyone had my best interest in mind.  I would highly recommend this office to my closest friends. - Michael G. 4/18/2013

Perfect.  I went in to have a root canal completed.  I got there a little early and was taken right in.  Dr. Kleiger and his assistant explained what they were doing as it was being done.  When it was completed, Dr. Kleiger said I might have pain for a few days.  I have not had pain. - Merry L. 3/15/2013

I was excellent (for having to go to the dentist with a tooth ache).  The dentist drilled out an old filling and replaced it without one bit of pain and it feels great today. - Victor E. 3/15/2013

I received very courteous service from the minute I walked in the office.  The dentist adn his assistant explained the procedures which I was going have very thoroughly to me. - David G. 3/15/2013

The dentists and assistants are professional.  The office is very clean.  it is always a pleasant experience! - Anonymous. 3/15/2013

Great service from start to finish.  From invoicing, to explaining my service and results, and toothbrush recommendation, etc...Thanks! - Eva P. 3/15/2013

I wanted to thank you in writing for the successful "fix" that you provided to me when your worked on my two teeth..... I am thrilled that I am now able to floss and feel a "tight fit" with no "food traps" for the first time in several years.  I now enjoy eating my vegetables again without catching the stringy elements between my teeth.  Also, I can now chew gum again without getting the gum caught adn stuck in the former "food trap" area.  Thank you very much for finding the solution when my dentists in my home town.....did not even admit that there was a "food trap problem" to solve.......I really appreciate your fine work, your attitute to strive for perfection, and your willingness to go the "extra mile" for me and my situation.  I am, indeed, a satisfied customer. - Cherlyl G. 3/3/2013

Satisfaction survery 97.5% highly satisfied. - Kerry H. 2/27/2013

My over all review is great. - Linda H. 1/18/2013

My tooth looks great and I'm very happy with my experience. - Mary B. 1/18/2013

Friendly and professional. - Anonymous. 1/15/2013.

Very good, professional. - John R. 1/15/2013.

Dr. DeMesa is a great dentist! - Gwendolyn C. 1/15/2013.

I come from San Francisco to see Dr. Mak and so glad I do.  He is so good at what he does that I keep coming back even though we no longer live in Pasadena.  I tried a dentist in the Bay Area, but realized Dr. Mak's approach to dentistry and his chairside manner are right in line with what I look for in a dentsit. - John L. 12/6/2012.

Dr. Mak is careful and considerate; his staff are knowledgeable and respectful.  My teeth are well taken care of! - A.D. 11/16/2012

Friendly, expert and professional care, with preparation and fillings completed in very timely manner. - C.G. 11/9/2012

I have been a patient of Mak & Kleiger, DDS group in Pasadena for many years.  I cannot express my gratitude to the entire staff for their professional help and care for my dental needs.  They make you feel so much at ease and you are treated with respect and care, not just as another client.  I recommend them highly, and you will not be disappointed at all. - H.A. 11/8/2012

I am always struck by the professionalism of the staff and hygienist.  The office seems very up to date on latest techniques and procedures and really take time and attention with each appointment. - Anonymous 11/8/2012

Had teeth cleaned by the best! - G. R. 11/1/2012

Dr. Mak has been my dentist for probably 20 years (?) He is the best. - Richard L. 11/1/2012

The staff was very king! Office was clean. - Mary S. 10/25/2012

The whole staff did an amazing job.  Very comfortable and I was really expecting to be in the chair for a long time due to my own lack of seeing the dentist.  They had me in and out with no pain or hassle....The visit was great - very efficient and great atmosphere. - Ryan W. 10/12/2012 and 10/25/2012

I really enjoy my visit with Michelle.  She always does a great job and she is very pleasant.  The office staff is very friendly and of course, Dr. Mak is also very comforting.  I really like this dental office and the whole experience is always pleasant!  The whole office deserves much higher than 5 stars...Thanks and great job to my hygienist MICHELLE!! - Paul R. 10/8/2012

The DDS visit was good.  I would prefer a telephone call and/or U.S. mail delivered postcard to serve as a gentle reminder for my next DDS visit.  No texting, tweeting or twittering here.  It may be the norm these days, but not for me. - Mary K. 10/3/2012

I 've been coming here for nearly two years and always receive top notch service.  The doctors are caring and focused. - Amy D. 9/25/2012

I was nervous about getting my cavity fixed on Wednesday...but as usual it was painless!!  Dr. Kleiger was great!!  I didn't even feel the pinch he said I may feel when he gave me the "shot".. I've been going to this dental office for YEARS...back when Dr. Lawson was my dentist...you all are the best!! - Karen J. 9/24/2012

I really expect the highest professionalism here and I get it.  My cleaning was perfection with Jerry and Dr. Mak is always on top of things.  I even purchased a Sonicair, which is amazing.  Thanks, Jerry for the tip!  See you in 6 months, and I can't imagine living without my porcelains. - Howard S. 9/13/2012

Excellent.  The office atmosphere , always on time, the additional services offered but without pressure, the friendliness of everyone & the exceptional care.  I especially appreciate Michelle.  She does such a great job cleaning my teeth.  I used to dread going to the dentist, but not anymore.  I look forward to it. - Robin S. 9/6/2012

Excellent experience.  Dr. Mak is simply the BEST!  My implant is a success and done in a very timely manner.  The staff there really cares.  It feels like I am getting individualized care.  They know you and your teeth and genuinely cares!  I've been to many dentist.  I found the BEST.  I highly recommend Dr. Mak and his team. - Anna D. 9/4/2012

It was for a cleaning with Marge and she is always great.  I have been seeing her for years now and know my teeth are well due to how she cleans and checks my teeth. - Victor E. 8/14/2012

Once again, my visit to Dr. Mak & Kleiger's office was as pleasant as a trip to the dentist could've been.  The staff is friendly, my wait time is never longer than 5 minutes, and ALL the dentists are wonderful!  No matter which dentist I get on any given visit, I am always thoroughly satisfied with my experience. - Anonymous. 7/18/2012

I went to Dr. Kleiger to have two fillings replaced in the front upper teeth and told him I would not take Novacaine.  He said fine.  He drilled with my having no discomfort and the appointment went well.  Well done Dr. K. - Sandi D. 6/27/2012

I very much enjoyed meeting Dr. Kleiger and his assistant, they made you feel very comfortable.  Dr. Kleiger took his time in discussing an issue I was having with a tooth that I thought needed a crown (told by another dentist) but I ended up just needing a filling.  My brother recommended him to me and I thought I will see him about doing work on this particular tooth and still go back to my other dentist.  I intend to go back to Dr. Kleiger to have further work done in the future...... Also appreciate the prompt and courteous service of his staff. Sandi K. 6/19/2012

As a new client, I appreciate you getting me in so quickly.  Secondly, your office and staff were so nice and accomodating.  You answered all my questions and made me feel comfortable.  Thanks! - Eva P. 6/11/2012

Thank you Dr. Mak and Scotty as well. Great job!! - Dale F. 5/25/2012

Very professional; my experience is always painless; they always explain the procedure before starting which eases my mind; they always ask if I'm comfortable. - Anonymous. 5/24/2012

Although going to the dentist isn't a fun experience, they made it as easy and comfortable as possible.  My visit was thorough, everyone was helpful and friendly and I was seen in a timely manner. - Jennifer U. 5/23/2012

Simply the best.  Whether it's a cleaning or more, the experience is always good. (as good as getting a shot through your gums that you can feel to your eyeballs can be) Seriously, Dr. Mak is terrific and I wouldn't change a thing. - Anonymous. 5/16/2012

I'm thankful with the front office of the Mak & Kleiger DDS office and the dental services of Dr. DeMesa.  I was able to have a much needed root canal without an appointment after the great ladies in the front office notice how much pain I was in.  I appreciate the professionalism Dr. DeMesa and his dental assistants provide with any dental procedure. - Edgar V. 5/3/2012.

Dr. Mak was outstanding.  Prompt, efficient and painless. - Matthew D. 4/12/2012

Not as awful as I'd expected.  Really appreciative that Dr. Mak was able to get me a temp so I'll not have to put my hand over my mouth when I smiled.  Both dentists (Dr. Mak and Dr. Lopez) and Rudy were excellent. - Barbara A. 4/2/2012

I hadn't been to the dentist in 6 years so I had a lot of fear.  Both Dr's Mak and Kleiger were kind and gentle.  They put me at ease and took great care of me. - Matthew D. 3/29/2012

I have been coming to Dr. Kleiger's office for about 10 years now.  He is an awesome dentist.  He always makes you feel comfortable.  He doesn't push you to do something you don't want to do.  My whole family comes here.  The staff here is always helpful.  I love that they call you a day before to remind you of your appointment.  The facility looks good and always clean.  They have all your files on their up to date computer system.  I will always keep coming so long as they are in business. - Karla C. 3/6/12

I've found that I always am happy with the service at this dental office.  The staff is very nice and helpful. - Anonymous. 2/29/2012

I've been going to Dr. Mak for a little over 10 years and I've never had any complaints on their incredible attention to detail service.  I am always more than satisfied on every visit on routine teeth cleaning.  Dr. Mak always shows concern and goes beyond his call of duty to make sure I am 100% satisfied.  I am grateful to have found him. - E.B. 2/29/2012

Compared to other dentists I've experienced, I'm very satisfied with Dr. Kleiger and intend to continue with him for all my and my wife's dental needs.  Thank you.  - Anonymous. 2/29/2012

Second to none! - Alan K. 2/13/2012

I love my dentists! Everyone is friendly and professional, and I never feel like I'm being upsold.  Highly recommended. - A. F. 1/16/2012

Service was excellent. Happy Holidays. - Raul P. 12/22/2011

As always the experience was friendly, pleasant and quickly and competently carried out.  I always look forward to returning for my next appointment, even on a day when all the trees in Pasadena were falling down. - Anonymous. 12/8/2011

The front office is friendly and efficient.  Dr. Mak has almost eliminated my anxiety about going to the dentist.  His work is masterful.  I really appreciate Dr. Mak and his office. - Anonymous. 12/8/2011

After a nice dinner, I found myself swallowing my tooth...yikes!  Dr. Mak and staff came to the rescue.  I had a new digital crown made and ready on Tuesday. I highly recommend the office.  The staff is friendly and I trust Dr. Mak. - Elena F. 11/18/2011

Michelle is THE best dental hygienist!  And the dentist are very good. I'd recommend this office to everyone. - G.R. 10/26/2011

The procedure was fast, relatively painless, and the final results were impressive.  Seeing your new tooth being made enhanced the total experience. - A.H. 10/26/2011

Best Dental Care Anywhere! In this case, I use the word "care" not only in its literal sense, but in its more altruistic sense.  From the administrative staff to the superb and sensitive dental hygienists and, finally the dentists themselves, Mak & Kleiger DDS not only provide the best dental services, the Mak-Kleiger team care very much for their patients' well-being; they actually remembered me when greeting me back for what was then only my 2nd visit!  Most importantly, for all the reasons we have for avoiding "the dentist', I have never experienced severe pain or ever had an experience that would cause me to avoid returning for needed treatment.  I enthusiastically recommend Mak & Kleiger DDS for the whole family. - R. Russell 10/13/2011

Satisfaction score 100% Highly Satisfied. - L. Brown 10/13/2011

The attention and care that I receive at Mak & Kleiger DDS office is outstanding.  I appreciate the pleasant greeting from the office staff and the exceptional attention that Kimberly gives to cleaning my teeth. Dr. Mak clearly explains the services that I receive. - Joyce C. 9/21/2011

Easy parking. Staff was friendly. Clean surroundings. I had two fillings. In and out in less than an hour.  Satisfaction score 100%, highly satisfied. - Sandra B. 9/21/2011

My visits are always great! Dr. Kleiger and the staff are wonderful. I get in the chair and am so relaxed and comfortable. - Rick M. 8/18/2011

Fabulous dentist! I moved to LA almost 8 years ago and when I moved I dreaded the journey of finding the perfect dentist. I'm a ER/ICU nurse and used to seeing about everything and anything, but for some reason I'm like a scared "kid" going to the dentist.... seeing the awful needle that numbs your mouth for a cavity filling, the drilling etc etc..... the list goes on and on. BUT.... as you know taking good care of your teeth is important so you bear it and go right? I was online looking around for dentists and decided to try Dr. Kleiger's office out..... well 8 years later I'm still with them! It's been fun seeing them grow their business and eventually into their own practice at their new office on Walnut Street. Dr. Kleiger's approach with patients is kind, thoughtful and sensitive to ensure your dental experience is positive. I love getting my teeth cleaned by Michelle. She definitely makes sure that my teeth are shiny, healthy and tartar free! I will have to say the whole dentist experience from the office staff greeting you, validated parking up to 2 hours which is rare nowadays, prompt appointment keeping and overall friendly service with their whole staff is the reason I've stayed with them. - Dawn Y. 8/17/2011

Our whole family loves everyone at Mak and Kleiger. My hygienist is so nice and very professional. Dr. Kleiger always remembers our family and what is going on with us. He is always kind and professional, and makes you feel very comfortable and like he truly cares. The office staff is also top notch. I would recommend this place to all my friends and family. - Lauren J. 8/16/2011

Dr. Mak and staff are professional and I would definitely recommend them. - Anonymous. 8/16/2011

Marge is always professional and friendly. She is also very thorough and gives lots of feedback. It is a pleasure having her clean my teeth and talking to her. - Victor E. 8/5/2011

Great Job as usual! Thanks! - Bryson R. 8/1/2011

"My experience at Dr. Mak's and Kleiger's office is always great. I rarely have to wait more than five minutes before being called in to see them. The staff is friendly and efficient and both doctors, Mak and Kleiger, are extremely professional and have a warm and friendly manner about them. I've recommended them to a few family and friends. They've also had nothing but positive things to say." - Anonymous. 7/29/2011

"I had two fillings redone this morning and I was a bit nervous (who wants to go to the dentist to get some drilling done, right?) As always, the service was excellent and right on time (they are always very punctual). All staff was very personal and professional. The best part was that I almost fell asleep if it was not for being super cold. They told me I should ask for a blanket next time which they apparently have. I seriously did not feel any pain during the entire procedure. The dentist and assistant took their time to make it nice and smooth. I will continue to be their patient for many years to come." - I.W. 7/28/2011

"I hadn't been to a dentist in four years. I was five minutes late. They immediately cleaned my teeth, took x-rays, and I saw the Dr. Mak. He examined my mouth and made some recommendations. A great experience. Thank you." - K.K. 7/27/2011

"I had some work done by Dr. Mak. He explained everything that he was going to do. He explained how long the procedure would last. He was very polite and made sure that I was not in any pain. I told him something that I was doing and he told me that it could cause me to get a lot of cavities. So now I will not be doing that. He also gave me a prescription for an extra strong oral rinse. My experience was totally positive and I am expecting some good reports on my teeth in the coming years." - Anonymous. 6/29/2011

"I had to have 3 fillings replaced and who looks forward to that? Dr. DeMesa listened when I told him I only needed half the novocaine (or similar), honored my request and at the same time practiced good judgement. I got over the ordeal quickly. My thanks to his assistant and the whole staff. Now if only the dental insurance carrier could change its dishonest and corrupt policies, what a world we'd have." - Leslie F. 6/14/2011

"The staff and Dr. Mak always friendly and very knowledgable. My visits are always pleasant. Thank you." - Paul R. 6/13/2011

"In October of 2009, I began an arduous adventure into restorative dentistry at Mak and Kleiger. The process would involve several surgeries, performed by Dr. Alex Lopez, as well as various other procedures performed by Dr. Mak. On May 25, my restoration was completed by Dr. Mak. Throughout the entire process, your entire staff exemplified the highest standards of patient care and professionalism. I greatly appreciate the personal care and attention I received while being a patient of your dental practice." - Lee C. 6/7/2011

"The dental (hygienist) that cleaned my teeth was both congenial and very competent." - Allen H. 6/8/2011

"Gum surgery went well.  I paid extra to be knocked out, and it was worth it. I felt nothing and had no pain afterward. Just some minor discomfort. Surgery results are excellent! Recommend Dr. Lopez." - Christine S. 6/6/2011

"The staff got me in quickly and Dr. Mak did a great job repairing my filling." - Jack S. 5/24/2011

"An efficient office, well-organized and peopled with dentists and technicians who are "masters of their trades." They make going to the dentist a pleasant experience." - Anonymous. 5/17/2011

"Dr. Mak has been my dentist for about 9 years. In that time he has done a great job in making certain that my teeth were healthy, good looking and functional. He worked on a dental implant in my upper front left tooth. He put in some 3/4 crowns on the 4 bottom front teeth. He has repaired some crowns and has done a number of fillings. He made a mouth guard that fits well. I would strongly recommend Dr. Mak and his office to anyone seeking a very good and caring dentist." - Anonymous. 5/16/2011

"I saw Dr. Mak for an abutment, as part of a year plus long process of bone grafts, implants and so on. As always, the team at Mak and Kleiger are nothing but professional." - L.C. 5/12/2011

"It's always a nice visit to the dentists. Everyone is polite, friendly, and takes the time to ask questions about your oral health and dental care. The location is a bit hidden off, but overall, it's really pleasant." - J.W. 5/12/2011

"Michelle cleaned my teeth, she had a gentle touch and did a great job...my teeth look fabulous." - O.R. 5/5/2011

"Our family has been going to Dr. Mak & Kleiger for many years. We have always experienced outstanding treatment and service." - Donald N. 5/5/2011

"This is the best experience I have ever had in a dental office. Dr. Mak was kind, gentle, informed me what he was doing. I didn't feel a thing :) Gave me headphones with music so I could relax and be distracted! The staff was very professional and warm. I highly, highly recommend Mak & Kleiger!!" - Christine L. 4/28/2011

"You somehow forget the sensation of having a sharp object stuck in your gums or cheek with way to many ...(staffers)... trying to make you feel special. Can't wait for something new to go wrong with my teeth. The overall experience was outstanding. Thanks again for a job well done." - A.H. 4/27/2011

"No complaints, I always have a good experience." - Anonymous. 4/27/2011

"Quick and simple. Kim the hygienist was super gentle. Thumbs up." - Anonymous. 4/25/2011

"I generally do not like having my teeth cleaned but Kimberly did a wonderful job! I also very much appreciated the iPod so I could listen and relax to music and not hear the sounds of scraping! Thank you!" - Anonymous 4/25/2011

"Service is fast and professional. The quality of their work is A-one! Other professional dentists have marveled at my work when they study my teeth. If you go any place else, GOOD LUCK, FRIEND!" - George M. 4/18/2011

 "Love this office! Everyone there is so kind and friendly. And you really feel like they're looking out for the patient's best interest! Great practice! I would recommend it to everyone!" - Katrina D. 4/14/2011

Satisfaction score: "5 - Highly Satisfied"  - Michele M. 4/7/2011

"Best DDS in Pasadena!!!! Whole family loves the office." - Michael B. 4/6/2011

"I always love going to Mak & Kleiger's office because they take very good care of me. Any of the doctors in the office is very competent to handle any dental issues that I may have. I have never had any bad experience with them." - Geraldine Y. 4/6/2011

"Mak & Kleiger DDS has been our family dentist for a few years. Their staff are well-trained, friendly and knowledgable. As a mom, I am specially happy with their skills on working with little children. I strongly recommend them to everyone."  - Helen H. 3/28/2011

"By far the most professional service from Dr. Mak and Dr. Lopez, and the staff is just incredibly attentive and cordial...Excellent service...I highly recommend and endorse Dr. Mak."  - Edison B.  3/23/2011

"This office, on top of being clean, nicely kept, and conveniently located, has time and time again provided me with fast but last service."  - David G. 3/23/2011

"I am very pleased with your business, everyone is very professional and willing to help." - Ana A. 3/23/2011

"Cleaning was good other than the fact a cavity was found." - Anonymous 3/23/2011

"This visit was WONDERFUL. My hygienist was the BEST and my teeth feel oh so clean."  - Carol H. 3/16/2011

"I emailed my concern on  a sunday night, and right the next morning someone was calling to schedule an appointment." - Nancy T. 3/11/11

"I went in to the office to get a cleaning done and was able to have a filling change completed in the same visit due to a cancellation. This was amazing, since I have not had a chance to reschedule in the past couple months. The service was great, and the doctors and their assistants really make you feel at home." - Evelyn A. 2/23/2011

"I have been using this dentist for nearly 20 years, through two "owners" and have always been impressed with their professionalism and reasonable fees." - Anonymous 2/23/2011

"I had a great experience w/ Dr. Mak. Just a simple filling, but all went good. It was an early morning appt. & cold. They provided a cozy blanket to make me feel all toasty!" - Linda W. 2/23/2011

 "Wonderful experience as far as visiting the Dentist goes, had fillings removed and replaced, so distraught, my wonderful husband came with me. The Dentist and his assistant were very kind & patient, even giving my  husband a chair and explaining the procedure to both of us. I was given a IPOD to listen to, and asked several times if I was OK. Don't get me wrong, I still have trepidation at the prospect of visiting the Dentist, but not nearly as badly when I walk in. Thank you all !!." - Erin S. 2/21/2011

"Extremely nice & accomodating staff as well as a clean facility. What more coud you ask for...except for being open on Saturdays :)"  - Ana B. 2/21/2011

"The staff is the best.  I appreciate it that they never suggest a procedure that is not absolutely necessary like a lot of other places do.  They do their best to keep your cost as low as possible.  And the dental work they do is really good."  - Gabriele R.  2/1/2011

"Everyone in the office is great! I have referred several co-workers who have also had a great experience. - Patricia E."  2/1/2011

"Good conscientious work and communication on the part of both Dr. DeMesa and Arnel." - Leslie F. 2/1/2011

"The staff was professional and friendly as always. The office is clean." - Anonymous 2/1/2011

"It's always a pleasant experience when I visit. The staff is so nice, friendly and knowledgeable. They always take the time to answer all my questions/concerns. I will forever be your loyal patient. Thank you!"  - Sharon H., 12/22/2010

"My family went to this group for several years and were thoroughly pleased with the dental care we received. Fast service, great work, and Dr. Mak and Dr. Kleiger are very skilled. I had a couple of crowns done and my husband also had pretty extensive work and we were really happy with the results."  - Debra S., 12/22/2010

Satisfaction survey score of 97.5%  - Lori G., 12/22/2010

Satisfaction suvery score of 100%  - Andrew S. 12/22/2010